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Bob Muir

Lord I get so tired of this terror of whimpdom among the perfumed elite. Knowing full well that they would shriek like banshees if they suddenly they were face to face with being on the wrong side of 91-0 score. By the by I would like to congratuate the self control of the team that lost by that margin and the coach. The temptation to run what used to be called a policeman play - with the idea of injuring a star player on the other team must have been nearly overwhelming. That some young man didn't end up crippled is to be lauded.
I was no great fan of school and I have no nostalgia for the 'he/she needs toughen up' school of thought. It left me rather stunted emotionally and if anything it mightly contribuited to the problems i had making my way in the world.
Grim. Hell. When was the last time Mr. Bruni had to deal with anything grim? Grim is going to school in the morning, knowing you're going to be bulled to the rather passive indiffernce of the teachers as they thing this is part of your socialization. Deal with that every day for a while Mr. Bruni before you concern troll about kids being soft. And remember they are kids - not little recriuts to put through boot camp. Yesh.
I would also like to point out that the 'kids today' troupe was part of Aristophanes comedy in ancient Ahtens cira 420-380 BCE or so. I find reading the classics interesting. One finds that self important fools have been with us always.

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