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Alexander Bernstein

I totally agree with all the above - but I think you leave out a crucial distinction between conservative and progressive thought: beyond trusting in experts, scientists, etc., it is the willingness, desire and need to ask questions in the first place that gives a liberal her/his political impulse.

Cleveland Bob

A very well crafted piece, Lance. One of your all time best.

A must share.



A progressive friend shared this column with me. I fear I used some pretty salty language in my opinion of your column. However, I'm not writing here to insult you. You've done quite enough of that for both of us.

What bothers me the most about your writing is how you take so many points for granted without any attempt to back them up with facts while at the same time claiming you represent the logical side of the political spectrum. Doesn't that strike you as just a little bit lazy? Hypocritical?

You also took a good nineteen paragraphs to get to the presumed subject of your column. I imagine if only English majors with a love of flowery language are your audience you might persuade a person now and then. But you ought to pick a difference subject to write about or just stay away from any fact based columns all together.

Lance Mannion


You want me to write 19 more paragraphs? Where do you think I should start? With one of the many idiotic and misogynistic things GOP lawmakers and politicians have said about rape? With climate change denialism? With the notion that almost half of Americans are moochers and parasites? How tax cuts for the rich increase revenue? How killing Medicare and replacing it with inadequate vouchers is not the same as killing Medicare and replacing it with inadequate vouchers? How homosexuality is a sexual addiction? How hurricanes are God's punishment for abortion and school shootings happen because kids don't pray in school? How President Obama's a socialist/fascist/Muslim/Kenyan anti-colonialist? Death panels? Conservapedia? The Creation Museum?

Probably there are a some English majors among my readers. There are also many scientists. Go figure. All sorts and conditions stop by from all over. The great majority are people who follow the news and don't need me to tell them every single time a Right Wing politician or pundit or religious leader says something stupid like bikes cause more pollution than cars.

Cleveland Bob, thank you very much.

Alexander, nicely put. Mind if I quote you in an upcoming post?

Alexander Bernstein

You kidding me? I'd be honored!

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