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Having spent the last twelve years actively involved with public schools doing everything from volunteering in classrooms to helping start a foundation to raise money for our school district, I'm pretty cynical about education reformers, especially the current stripe. They've got solutions, and they're not really interested in what your problems really are.

Ellie McBride

Yeah Lance, but he goes on to say that the colleges and universities would never be with them. It goes on to make education and educated people an enemy. It reinforces, as do your statements, that by virtue of being educated someone is inherently a fool. It is still just a dog whistle to fan the sour grape hatred of "the intelligencia" which my un-degreed education (yes, some of us without degrees are liberals! Shocking!) reminds me is a totalitarian value. It was a broad brush painting, not subtle sarcasm. It is also reinforcing the case for not improving educational opportunity which is embraced by the left. I mean, there are way better uses for the money, right? No.....not air conditioning for an under-performing school. You really don't think the money is going there do you?

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