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Do you think maybe at least some of the cops came to recognize you after all your late-night walks?

Lance Mannion

Mark, I'm sure most of them did. They wouldn't have been very good cops if they didn't. But there was always turnover, and the ones who stopped me clearly didn't or at least they didn't let on if they did.

Rebecca Clayton

It's a fact of life for girls and women that you can't take a walk after dark in an urban area. A trip to the convenience store for a snack? Not after dark--it's just not safe. It's not that we don't get restless in the wee hours, but if something bad were to happen, there's that "she was asking for trouble" idea.

It really sucks that you can be "asking for trouble" just by existing in the skin you were born with.

Uncle Merlin

And all this was going on while I was sawing wood! Who Knew!



We live in a nation where blacks and Latinos are afraid to walk down the street. Hate to say it, but there it is.

Lance, I bet your mom knew. I always know when my daughter is out late, whether she tells me ahead of time or slips out when I'm asleep. A parent knows. The smart ones don't challenge unless it becomes an issue.

Cleveland Bob

Beautifully crafted piece, Lance. Thanks.

Janelle V. Dvorak

Elegant close--well done, Lance, well done.


"where we were all so goddamn lucky and so insufferably and unfairly privileged"

Why is this a privilege? Wouldn't it be good if everyone was as safe walking around late at night as you were? 'Privilege' has a lot of implication of "unfair advantage", but somehow being able to safely walk around at night doesn't seem to be at all unfair - what is unfair is not being able to walk around at night. This linguistic assumption that being treated with dignity and respect, and afforded opportunities, is 'unfair' is more than a bit problematic. "Giving up 'white privilege" is a phrase that means that everyone is treated as badly as non-white people are so often treated....when it should be that 'the privileges of whiteness' are extended to everyone for the plain and simple reason that restricting dignity, respect, and opportunity to rich white males was a really stupid idea from the very beginning.

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