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Oh, Lance ...

"X-Men" was the only readable iteration of that godforsaken title in decades.

Where Morrison went wrong -- really wrong -- was "Marvel Boy."

Lance Mannion

Dave, you'll have to take it up with the Big Dawg on Earth 3. I've never followed the X-Men closely enough to know what's going on. In his book though, Morrison sounds as though he feels he goofed in some way and offers a sort of apology for where he took Magneto.


I'm in much the same boat as you. Morrison's were the only X-books I've read since the mid-90s. I have "Supergods" (even if I've yet to read it), but the impression I got was that the truly anal fanboys were upset about Xorn, and have never forgiven Morrison. Chris Claremont leaving decades of word balloons and unresolved plot threads was okay, but doing -that- to a character they liked? Unforgivable.

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