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Mine's done the same; real chicken scratchings hatched from once-perfect handwrit. I'm thinking of taking chisel to stone with it so future anthropologists will try to decipher the date of the End Times from my grocery list.


My handwriting deteriorated after years of taking notes and transcription of doctors' orders, plus a lifetime of keyboarding. Repetitive motion syndrome will do it to you.

Bill Altreuter

I carry a notebook, and will frequently use my notes as the basis for a blog post which I also think of as a notebook. Because I'm at the point where my typing is more fluent than my handwriting, and because my blog is a more public form blogging is a more fully formed sort of writing-- a sort of draft, I suppose. Good writing is revision, so my blog is a kind of first draft with some advantages that the notebook doesn't have. It is searchable, for one thing, and accessible from a number of different places.

So here's a technical question for you, Lance: Is there some advantage to Windows LiveWriter that Typepad doesn't offer?

Lance Mannion

Bill, the main thing I like about LiveWriter is that I can use it to write posts offline. It also saves drafts and finished posts on my computer automatically so I don't have to worry about Tyepad losing stuff on me, which used to happen. I could get the same with any word processing program but then I'd have to cut and paste them into the Typepad editor and reformat them. LiveWriter does the formatting and files posts in my Typepad archives. Double backups! One more good thing is that it's easier to manipulate photos and video embeds in the Livewire window than on Typepad.


Schools do still teach kids cursive. They teach it in art class.

Which is one of the first things to be cut when budgets get tight



It's not just that they don't get taught to write; they don't get the practice needed to build up hand strength and make it intuitive rather than something requiring deliberate, conscious effort. I feel bad for my students when I assign in-class work, because some of them clearly aren't physically up to the task - but, on the other hand, if they took more notes, it would help.

My own handwriting - I must brag here - is beautiful, but that's because I've been mildly obsessed with perfecting it since high school, and because if I don't write carefully, my notes are useless. Having a good pen helps enormously; I find that I write differently (and think differently) depending on the pen and paper involved.

On the flip side, I can read pretty much any handwriting at this point. Yours is scrawly, but I've seen far, far worse!

Usually I hand-write when I need to jot something brief down, or when I want to remember the words, or when I want to slow my thoughts down. When I need to get rapidly occurring thoughts down before they disappear, or transcribe blocks of text, I'd rather type.

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