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Since when does one get to label *oneself* an "elder statesman"? Especially when one has spent one's life stuffing one's own pockets? A statesman is not the same thing as a corporate baron. Putting a small portion of one's excess billions towards a new community aquarium or other worthy charitable causes doesn't do it either.

Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, George Mitchell, Walter Mondale -- *they* are elder statesmen, having spent at least a portion of their lives serving the American people on a national and international scale.

Doghouse Riley

In fairness, if by "elder statesman" you mean "long practiced in the contemporary art of using size, large capitalization, and purchasing power to drive locally-owned businesses out, then maintain a marginal share of the resulting market through sheer bulk, despite universal acknowledgment that your operation is inferior in every way to your major competitors'" then, yeah, I'd agree.

Bob Westal

Damn, Lance. Nicely said -- no wonder you get the big links. I'm not sure why, but I'm getting a Sinclair Lewis vibe from this.


What's that music I hear in the distance? Oh yeah.

Aux armes, citoyens, To arms, citizens,
Formez vos bataillons, Form your battalions,
Marchons, marchons ! Let's march, let's march!
Qu'un sang impur May a tainted blood
Abreuve nos sillons ! Drench our furrows!

Surely the bloodiest national anthem still in use.


Doghouse Riley:

Ah, I must have mislaid my copy of the Humpty Dumpty Dictionary. From which Marcus undoubtedly derives his definition of "civilization", as well.


Maybe someday progressives will stop calling the Bush presidency a failure, and stop accusing republicans of refusing to redistribute wealth. I think it was wildly successful for the Marcuses of our great land. Last graph I saw, the bottom 80% of Americans get to share 16% of the nation's wealth. So Marcus and all his Agusta Country Club buddies are banding together to fight for what they stole fair and square.

Note also that the NY Fed and Goldman Sachs are still running the Treasury department.


Very, very well said. At what point do parasites like this consider the breakdown of American society an acceptable write-off?

I can't tell you how vexed and infuriated I am these past few days, listening to Republican lies and seeing their willful obstructionism-and this is Week One! Yet their obnoxious dick points of view seem to be ALL we're hearing these days in the media. Disgusting.


Sounds like you read me a few days ago, Lance :-)


You are full of a righteous anger, Lance, and one loves you for it. Well said.

jim 7

Speaking of bought-and-paid-for goons...
Steve Forbes was on two morning shows this Sunday morning. Grover Norquest got the 'last word' on John King's CNN show. Do they really still think that our problems can be solved with deregulation and a cut in capital gains taxes? Haven't these people's theories been completely disproved?

So, why does anyone still take them seriously and put them on TV? Who makes these choices? And shouldn't they be forced to appear without clothes if they insist on coming on television?
No, bad visual; too easily misunderstood. How about Clown Noses and Really Big Shoes?

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