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I was really surprised to see Bob Gibson there; from what I've read, he really doesn't like this stuff. Remember the story of his breaking Koufax's strikeout-per-game record in the WS (Game One of '67 or '68)? McCarver had to get him to turn around to look at the scoreboard to see what he'd done.


$2.5M today:

$30,366,432.34 using the Consumer Price Index
$24,898,858.69 using the GDP deflator
$69,345,074.30 using the value of consumer bundle *
$104,007,633.59 using the unskilled wage *
$150,157,463.99 using the nominal GDP per capita
$405,125,816.38 using the relative share of GDP

Calculator here.


Thanks, Link.

The new Yankee Stadium's costing at least 1.3 billion. So over three times what the original cost. I wonder what the extra money's buying? Taco stands, for one thing. Lighting. The original didn't get lights until after WWII.


Just FYI, AL won (booo!) in the 15th on a short fly to right; somebody (I forget who) slid into home just ahead of Cory Hart's (Cory Hart? Who's he?) throw. Drew had walked, so he didn't hit the sac fly, otherwise he might have been a lock for MVP.

I dunno. Are the Yankees having to buy the land? Bronx real estate is surely more expensive than it was in 1923.

fly on wall

Despite the great throw by McLouth and block by Martin, Navarro was safe, replays show. But baseball doesn't need those stinking replays.

And Drew is the MVP.


Do you realize you referred to Joe Buck as his dad, Jack Buck, until you got to the first inning? Jack died a few years ago. He was a great man, and I was lucky enough to call him a friend in the '80s. It was a little jarring to see his name here.


Sorry about that, Karen. I fixed it.

Jason Morris

That's okay, Yogi Berra called Joe Buck "Jack" too.

Eric k


I'd say leading the AL in hitting is more impressive becasue you have DH's added to the competition.


Eric, you're probably right. But by "it" I meant any catcher leading either league ever. It turns out that Mauer is only the third catcher since 1900 to lead either league. Bubbles Hargrave and Ernie Lombardi are the only other two catchers to have done it. So Mauer's having done it is even more impressive than it sounds if you just say he's the first to lead the AL. He's the first catcher to have done it since 1942!


I miss "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". One patriotic song per game is enough to remind us that we are in America.

Maybe we could all say the Pledge of Allegiance when the game becomes official. And receive a GOP registration form with out tickets. Yeesh.


Tom Seaver had one going against the Cubs going into the ninth with one out when Jimmy Qualls came up.

Dammit, Lance, I spent five years of therapy repressing this!!!!!

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