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Tom Hilton

And if McCain goes down to flaming defeat (as I sincerely hope he does), it'll only strengthen the knaves' & fools' grasp on the GOP. The 'lesson' they'll take from defeat is that McCain wasn't radical Right enough.

On the one hand, this prospect amuses me, and promises more Democratic victories in the future. On the other hand, it's really not good for democracy to have a party that's as completely off the deep end as the Republicans are--even if they do end up consigning themselves to long-term minority status.


So who's yours, Lance? Hinchey?

Good man, I like him. I've had some contact with him over concerns I have with the watershed near one of my homes.


So is Hall Still the One?

Disgusted Beyond Belief

Tom Hilton - that's Funny - it seems like whenever the Democratic party loses, they also take that as a lesson that they weren't right-wing enough.

Crotchety Liberal

More debunking of Kieran's lies on my blog. I'll start in on his so-called "Comprehensive" energy plan soon. Tell your friends...

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