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NINA? No Irish Need Apply?

Chris the Cop


Chris the Cop

I don't know about all Rudy's fans being racists, but that lisp has got to.


Just don't order the provolone cheesesteak or your ass is out the door. They don't take to furrin talk at Genos.

Speaking as an italian (and irish) american, it amazes me not at all that after escaping centuries of the misery caused by this kind of shit in their native countries there are troglodytes with a light in their eyes because if they recreate it here, they can be on top this time...

Kind of like Alito pretending his friends in the Princeton Swarthy Exclusion society thought he was white because they let him join.


Rudy's not a racist jerk because he's trying to court GOP voters. He's a racist jerk because he's a racist jerk. Those of us who suffered through his mayoralty can tell you that, at least.


There are lots of great cheesesteak places in the city besides Geno's, so I hardly miss them. Heck, right across the street is Pat's.

Besides, getting down there is a PITA to begin with.

Ken Houghton

What Karen Said. And Pat's has been better than Geno's for a long time--probably since before I moved out of there, or you were born or the first shuttle explosion, or...

Stefanie Murray

FWIW, this isn't really very surprising, in that the chief way that Irish, Italian, and other "ethnic" populations became "white" in the US was by actively demonizing darker-skinned populations and thereby setting themselves as part of the "white" group. Consider the racist Irish rioting in New York City and Philadelphia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Or for another example, here in Syracuse there's a big statue commemorating Columbus that was installed by the local Italian population in 1932. It features, among other things, Columbus standing on the heads of four Indians, and a scene of Indians kneeling at the feet of Ferdinand and Isabella (the depicted Indians are all dressed as plains Indians, which is a whole nother discussion). There are books about this phenomenon, including one called "How The Irish Became White" by Noel Ignatiev or "Whiteness of a Different Color" by Matthew Fry Jacobsen, and Michael Rogin's "Blackface, White Noise."

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