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IMHO, the five best dramas last year were The Wire, Deadwood, Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Lights, and Lost. Coincidentally, all five got snubbed.

On the other hand, I think the writing and directing categories were solid (if a little Sopranos-heavy). Those are always my favorite Emmy categories because they reward individual episodes, not the whole series, and all the best episodes I saw last season --the FNL pilot, Lost's finale, the BSG opener--were nominated for one or the other.


I saw part of Saving Grace and Holly was naked in the first scene. I don't know how I feel about the show, I switched channels midway through during a commercial break and forgot to switch back, which may say something. It was a little heavy handed in its set-up of backstory, but I guess it's the first ep and I should give it another chance.


I thought Mad Men was better than my expectations for it.

I am old enough (just) to remember this era. My father was most definitely a product of that time, 34 yrs old in 1960, living in Stamford, CT and selling helicopter engines to the Army Air Corps. I will forgive quite a few plot or characterization failings (for a while, at least) to enjoy the pitch-perfect portrayal of the period, and the memories of Dad at that age it produced last week.

Scotch in the desk drawer still sometimes seems like a good idea.


While I understand where both Mrs Peel and Wolcott are coming from on "Mad Men," I, too, enjoyed it (apart from being a little confused by who exactly Peggy Olsen is supposed to be). My father was only a tangential part of that world, and he was definitely not the typical ad-/salesman (colleagues would say he was too much of a gentleman for his business), but I grew up reading "Advertising Age," and watching "Bewitched," and I just goddamn love the ad game. So, I'll keep watching it.

I missed the first part of "Saving Grace," then tuned in for maybe the second 10 minutes and was just bored stiff. Which is unusual for a Holly Hunter performance.

This summer, I'm watching "Mad Men," "Eureka," and the very silly "Psych." Oh, and I'll be checking out "Damages" this evening. But mostly I'm wading through my 496-title Netflix queue. (Did you know they max you out at 500?)

Ken Houghton

Doesn't your television provider offer On Demand? It's how I'm watching Meadowlands.

I tried Broadcast News again, having remembered it fondly, but have now switched to When Stand Up Stood Out. Choosing Stephen Wright over Holly Hunter and Dennis Leary over Albert Brooks (or is it the other way around) probably says something, but I'm not sure what.


I wrote a review for Newcritics, but had trouble posting you. You can pop over to my place to see it. It's pretty unusual. Sorry Lance, I barely noticed the naked Holly.


"It." Posting it. When will typepad allow commenters to correct?


I don't even know why I come here anymore. Your overrated bullshit is a very faded shade of brown, Mr.Mannion.

Mad Men: a very good friend of mine who started as an assistant art director at J. Walter Thompson Chicago in May 1960 and put 30 years into the business e-mailed me after watching the first episode: "it's real." I suspect he has a bit more knowledge of his subject than "Mrs. Peel" and the often-overrated James Wolcott (who is at least interesting even when he is steaming full speed ahead into his most overrated New York halfwit territory).

SWMBO - who started as "the new girl" in an office in 1964 - has great difficulty after two episodes not throwing a shoe through the TV screen as memories she thought she had forgotten resurge to the forefront. As she said after Episode 2 "and people wonder where the hell Betty Friedan came from and why we feminists were shrill back then." As someone who was also old enough to be aware of reality back then, I agree with the reviewer at Salon who said "all the post-feminists who think feminism is too shrill need to see this show."

As to whether "Saving Grace" was any good, that depends. The show managed to prove (once again) that it takes a prefrontal lobotomy to become a fundamentalist Christian, and that "Christian Art" is an oxymoron, since celebrating moron stupidity is not what art does. As to Earl the Angel, he's he perfect "step Nazi" to every white-knuckle AA drunken junkie who needs to keep the hollow junkie from admitting they're the hollow piece of shit they are since they can only trade one addiction for another (alcohol for fundamentalism). And Holly Hunter reminds me of why the last thing she ever did that was the slightest bit interesting was "Broadcast News." What dreck!!

"Damages" on the other hand is really good and I hope you have someone with an actual pair of balls (the balls to tell the truth) review it.

You mincing East Coast over-educated Ivy League halfwits would be funny if it wasn't for the fact you have the rest of the world believing you are something worthwhile.

And "Mrs. Peel" is about as close to that reality as George Bush is close to the reality of being a member of the human race.

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