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His license plate was NCC-1701 :)

Jim Tourtelott

Paulson was better in the opeming than she has been in the rest of the series, just as last week Webber ruled in the first two minutes. Is Sorkin going to write nothing but openings? Maybe that would work.


This snake: ferret: coyote storyline is stupid.

Ken Houghton

Did everyone except me know that Ken Levine was a writer on Kristen?


Ken: No.

Lance: I have to tell you. Pickins' are slim here. A Jim Carrey movie is looking good to me.

Ken Houghton

My TiVo is doing one of its random reboots. The only question is whether it will decide to come back before they swallow the horse.

Jim Tourtelott

Well, yes, the animals business is dopey. But it beats the shit out of "Ooh, we're stuck on the roof." And Busfield sells it quite well. In fact, Busfield has been uniformly good throughout the series. So why not make the whole show about Webber and Busfield, and openings? Maybe that would work.

M.A. Peel

Natalie Cole. Wow.


Matt will write an opening that will knock her socks off. Natalie Cole? You think "A Little Prayer for You" means anything here? Hmmmmm?

"We've broken up about 18 times." That should tell them the relationship is over.


this show is succeeding in making me care even LESS for the principals. I used to kind of like Matt, not anymore.


Studio 60: "I'm going to cook them and I'm going to eat them." OK. That I can live with.

M.A. Peel

"This lacks of professionalism." Ha Ha


The commercial earlier said tomorrow everyone in America will be buzzing about Studio 60. No. We were buzzing a few months ago. Tomorrow people will be saying, "What? No, I watched CSI: Miami."

Am I the only one here tonight that can't follow Sorkin into romantic comedy?


"What are you Sinatra?" OK. Whoever said he should be the star is correct.

Ken Houghton

Damn. Amanda Peet finally acts as if she's working in a competitive industry.

Ken Houghton

Comment from Shira: "Heroes is easier to follow. As many characters, but the motivations are understandable and the dialog doesn't go ON AND ON AND ON."

M.A. Peel

Ray Noble reference on prime-time television.

M.A. Peel

There feel like many more commercials this week--maybe NBC trying to make the money they are not going to get out of syndication with the show


am I supposed to be impressed that Sorkin has this conflict between the (only) two black characters? This is supposed to be, I don't know, daring? it's not. boring

Ken Houghton

"Long as it's funny." That was quick.


Simon: It's not funny. Please stop.


"Tom is another one who expects that behaving like an asshole should be rewarded with sex."

apparently this works for Sorkin??


You had me at "You commie prick."


not romantic.
not comedic.


She should have stopped at "I'm crazy."

Ken Houghton

Natalie Cole to Willie Nelson/Patsy Cline?

Ken Houghton

Definite Pretenders, but not Great ones.

James Wolcott

Let me see if I grasp this: You call someone a "prick" and he's so impressed by your blunt candor he agrees to go into partnership with your network? I wonder if they teach that at Harvard Business. At least they didn't have the drunken daughter say, "Me love you long time to Tom," an admirable bit of reticence.

I was hoping the ferret would bite somebody. This show really fails in the art of follow-through.

A closing musical montage, which I believe Ken Levine has cursed as TV's latest lousy new cliche.


Wait! Of course! They're tearing up the stage. They're remaking Studio 60 into a whole new show!



why do they think we care a rat's ass about when Matt met Harriet?

Ken Houghton

Cyia, wouldn't wanna be ya?

Oh, sh*t; When Harry Met Shallow-y is next week.


They're going back in time? Didn't they learn from Heroes? If they do that, Matt will lose his super powers and have to find a magic sword.

Jim Tourtelott

Of course Jack Rudolph, Action Executive gets out of his dilemma by calling the Chinese guy a "Commie prick". After all, he got into by calling the white corporate board guy a "moron." So it's, like, symmetrical. Yeah, that's it.

Jim Tourtelott

More likely you're going to wake up next to Suzanne Pleshette and tell her you just dreamed you were an inn-keeper in Vermont.

Dan Coyle

"Why do you pretend you can't speak English?" "It's fun!"

Jack Rudolph, Action Executitve pulls out another one! And Chinese dude is going to be on the board, so Sorkin's keeping him around.

Hmmm, it appears I've started a bit of a meme with this Jack Rudolph, Action Executive thing.


Dan, your meme and Steven Weber's Emmy may be the only good things to come out of this show.

Jim, waking up next to Suzanne Pleshette has been a long-time dream of mine.

Dan Coyle

Hey, I might just buy the DVD for some prime Weber action. All 12:30 PM mornings in college where one of the few cable channels was USA made me a har-core Wings Fan 4 life, yo.


Shakespeare's Sister

the man Shakespeare's Sister calls hotter than hot

Actually, I called him "Haaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwt!"

See. This was my mistake when I was dating. I never got stuck on a roof with a woman I'd been stalking and insulted her all night.

This is the funniest thing that will ever--ever--be written about Studio 60.


ugh, dead on comments re this show going nowhere... sorkin's stuff is always too self aware/important, but it usually takes a couple of succesful seasons before you can get away with the lame situations and jokes he's throwing out on here. i mean you should really have to earn the right to put forth the worn premises of the last two weeks. my low moment was when danny realizes there's a hidden key just after jordan throws it off the roof. oh damn!! and one more: the chinese executive really speaks english? what about the mistranslation bit from a few episodes ago? has the daughter been in on the ruse too? so lame!

Jim 7

Maybe when they tear up the floor they'll find find some old comedy bits...

Jim 7

Maybe when they tear up the floor they'll find find some old comedy bits...


George Takei's appearance on Heroes was too short. I believe all his dialogue was in Japanese, which was interesting. Masi Oka (Hiro the hero) is so cute I can hardly stand it... way cuter than Brad Whitford these days (especially with that Hollywood hair).

Dave MB

I'm not as negative about this episode as the rest of you, though I hated last week's. This week there were several instances of people actually talking to each other in an interesting way. I think Sorkin's idea was to have these conversations rushed by the plot elements (at some point this seems to have been planned for a three-parter, so perhaps he had more that he cut) to sort of artificially give the episode some flow. I think the Danny-Jordan, Wendy-Matt, and Darius-Simon conversations moved those characters somewhere else, and in great contrast to last week I was interested. I'll keep watching.

Thanks to whomever here named "Jack Rudolph, Action Executive" -- I giggle thinking of that every comes on. And travy, I think there were definite hints in "Nevada Part II" that the Chinese executive was far less monolingual than he claimed, and that his daughter knew that perfectly well. Did you think she had actually mistranslated him there?

Funny bits that worked for me: Tom answering the violist's phone to get her father in Chinese (who did he think it was going to be?), Danny getting whacked on the head by Cal just as he put down the notes, and JRAE's seeing immediately that it would be fun to pretend not to speak English.


dave mb- you could be right. this show doesn't exactly sear itself into my memory each week, especially given that i am generally a little foggy by 10pm mondays. but in remembering the nevada episodes, it rings a little false that he spoke english the whole time and his daughter knew about it. to me, it felt like a last minute addition so last night's resolution scene could play better between two people rather than three with an awkward translator.

i'm trying not to pick at continuity too hard these days and just enjoy viewings, but this stuck out for me... perhaps it's just that sneaky sorkin playing tricks on me? :^)

Molly, NYC

Have you ever considered ditching S60otSS and liveblogging Heroes instead?

Just saying.

Elayne Riggs

"Nothing has happened to these characters since the second episode. They are in the exact same place, saying the same things to each other. It's not just failure we're watching here. It's willful failure."

Well, not really. There is forward movement in Aaron Sorkin World, but ASW is so heavy-handed of late that it's hard to spot it. The Life Lesson Learned these past two weeks is that every time you tell a lie you screw up your life, and every time you decide to be true to yourself things get better. And that's what we have here - Matt and Harriet are still lying to themselves and each other, so as long as they do they'll continue to have tsuris; Danny and Jordan are finally being truthful with themselves and not relying on gimmicks and lines and bad sitcom plots, so they're going to work; Tom and Lucy are going to work because he realized that lying in the first place was dumb; Darius and Simon... well, that's a little more complicated because, as far as I know, there's no romance involved there. :) Plus, although Darius is now being less Obsessed with the White Man and thus presumably truer to himself, Simon is still lying to Darius insisting that he's the one who "discovered" the writer, so I think the road ahead is still bumpy.


All that said, it's still bloody heavy-handed, isn't it?

Hey Lance, can I be considered for inclusion on your waiting list of live-bloggers for this?


Natalie Cole? I haven't heard much of her before, but that was a terrible performance, wailing the song to death and managing to be sharply off-key during the last close-up. did she ever rise to stardom? Oh, right...

Dan Coyle

Maybe Jack Rudolph, Action Executive should join the Heroes team? He can solve problems with some deft speechifying!


Encapsulating moment for me: In the closing montage, Darius pushes what is presumably the new fruit of the loom script over to Simon, who looks at it for maybe a second and a half, and looks up, giving Darius the "yeah, now you're cooking!" smile and nod. It's lazy shorthand. It just clunks, like so much else on the show. I swear, I can't tell what Sorkin found so intriguing about this concept. There is literally nothing in this show that plays directly off the central premise (with the possible exception of the clock on Matt's wall that seems to exist for the sole purpose of looming in the background during pensive music-filled closeups). I'm not saying that the main idea was bad, I'm saying that Sorkin doesn't seem particularly interested in it. Life's too short.

Ken Houghton

I note for the record that my TiVo decided to skip Natalie Cole's appearance entirely, being smarter than I am.

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