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Elayne Riggs

Feel better soon, Lance! I'd plug the new pop-culture site with which I'm involved, ComicMix, but it's not up and running yet, there's still a placeholder. Although maybe that'll be fixed by the time other folks read this, so what the heck.


Get well soon. Was at a kiddy birthday bowling party this weekend and by Sunday eve I understand the majority of us were dropping on the bathroom floor with the stomach flu. I ended up cuddled up with a pot in bed for a while, prepared to die and not caring about loose threads. By Monday afternoon I was able to keep down liquids and jello so it was thankfully of short duration though harsh. Hope whatever you have is even shorter lived and at least half as brutal.


Don't die Lance.

Michael Alan Nelson

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Here's hoping you have a quick recovery and are back to your old self soon.

And if anyone is interested, stop by and see my online novel DINGO. You can read it here.


Get better soon, Lance! Thanks for the html code lesson. Can I just draw that on my screen with a pencil?!


Get well, Lance. John Baker's Blog is funny today, but I took your suggestion and tried a new one. Whether the HTML line will work for me or not is another question (see John Bakers blog.) As Little Harm As Possible
Does not look as if it my attempt worked. I may try later. Her post today was titled--I'm going by memory--I Miss My Mind.

It was whimsical, funny, and evocative.
With luck you do not have the same bug that bit me early last week. It pretty much debilitated me for three days and I'm still coughing and sniffling, aching, and whining.


Well, you said we could pimp our own stuff, so: I won the annual Buffalo News short story contest this year, and my tale was printed in yesterday's edition. Details here!


Greetings from the Windy City! Sorry you're not feeling so hot - things are like that here, too, only for a different reason.

I don't have a blog to link to, but I can send something to read to give an idea of how life has been in Chicago this week.

Armadillo Joe

Lance, I am a longtime lurker and first time commenter. Odd that you would solicit today of all days for us to plug our blogs. I just wrote a post in praise of your Ballad of Lenny Briscoe.

Anyway, I hope you feel better soon.

Knox Bronson

I came over because James Wolcott, my new hero, thinks you are cool. And therefore def. worth investigation.

Plugging my blog? Don't mind if I do. Sun Pop Blue, home to my music, art, essays, videos, writings on all of those, as well as romance, synthesizers, JFK assassination, the baseball hat/premature ejaculation connection ... it just goes on.

Hope you are feeling bettter.


Whatta good suggestion.

I scanned down your blogroll and realized I hadn't been to Cosmic Variance in quite a while. Several interesting posts there, including a link to a terrific story in a recent New Yorker.

So then I decided to try one I'd never read before, so i checked out Maud Newton. She had a YouTube up of a hilarious BritCom called The Mighty Boosh. Now I've got something else to look in to. Thanks! Feel better soon!


I share your idolatrous feeling for Jon Swift, who proves irony and generosity can coexist. I will take up your invite and link to a post from my blog, Yves Klein and the Hummingbird and my last podcast.
Also, I would second your endorsement of New Critics and it's contributors, particularly Tom Watson who is on your blogroll.
Finally, American Fez is another blog readers of this blog might enjoy.


If you need something to take your mind of your own troubles (I know getting in a good huff usually helps me feel better) you can read my latest blog on America's Baby Prison- Hutto Detention Center where infants and toddlers are literally kept behind razor wire fences Babies Behind Bars

Kit Stolz

Thanks for the newcritics mention...interesting site. Looks good, too.

Feel better, Lance.

Doc Nebula

I'd love a link, or two, even. I have two blogs -- the geek blog, Miserable Annals of the Earth, where I wax rhapsodic about SF/fantasy books, movies and TV shows, superhero comics, and other such like stuff, and A Brown Eyed Handsome Man, where I bite large holes in the scenery while fulminating on politics.

Thanks for your kind consideration.

Doc Nebula

Oh, yeah, I went over to Jon Swift's blogfrom yours, for the first time. And enjoyed it. And have now linked to him. So, thanks for that.


I actually came over here via Planet of the Blind - and decided I've fulfilled the requirement - even though I did it backwards. My blog (shameless plug) is Wheelie Catholic , which is a blog about inclusion issues for people with disabilities , disability culture and cat humor. Occasionally. The cat humor I mean. Hope you're feeling better now.


Turns out I wasn't dying. Just doing a very clever imitation of it. I'm feeling better today, well enough to do a clever imitation of being alive.

Thanks for the get well wishes, folks, and for all the links. I had fun following them and I'm glad to have found some great new blogs.

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