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I'm surprised you didn't tell them that unicorns are really good for this type of thing! Few people know it, but unicorns are the animal of choice for stuck vehicles. Geeeeze Lance!

Kevin Wolf

Nice try, Lance.

Michael Bains

You're a mighty fine Citizen, Lance. I bet those watchboys wish everyone would be as helpful as you.

Thanks for the inspiration. I may just go on down to City Hall with my ideas on how putting all the train tracks underground would alleviate traffic congestion and RR crossing accidents in this town!


It's obvious you never served in the Navy. I did. The power's with the Chiefs. Talking to Lieutenant (jg) types is useless.

Michael Bains

Danggit all! They told me to "cut us a check and we'll get right on that."

Donations, anyone?



Gee, the last time we had trouble with our boat there was a foot of water in the engine compartment. It started just fine but the boat felt very sluggish due to all the added weight. Once the water was drained we were good to go, not to mention much more buoyant. I wonder if they've checked the engine room?


Linkmeister: It's obvious you never served in the Navy. I did. The power's with the Chiefs. Talking to Lieutenant (jg) types is useless.

No CPOs were in sight, Link, or I'd gone to one of them first. Life-long civlian that I am, I've watched enough movies to know that one. I'll look for a Chief when I go back though. See, I have another idea...

First they have attach some big radial tires to the hull...


Grins. Family loyalty should have me plumping for finding Seabees (Dad was Civil Engineer Corps, which is the officer side of those doughty types).

Uncle Merlin

No No, Vaseline! Lots of vaseline, thats how they got the Titanic off the ways and into the Solent. You grease her up real good and she'll just slip away.

Actually they used lard back then since they didn't have gobs of vaseline lying around!

Lt. Horatio Hornblower RN

Simple. We had the same problem on the Renown when she went aground under fire off Samar Point. Just take out some kedge anchors and drop them off, then take in the slack on the capstan. You won't be able to move yet, because the suction of the mud is too strong; but run out the guns and fire a broadside, and the recoil will break the suction and free you. Nothing to it!

... no broadside? What sort of a ship of force is this "Intrepid" anyway?

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