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Pope Buck I

It's like momentarily dropping in on a Raymond Carver short story, isn't it? For an instant, you get a glimpse into someone's most intimate life secrets, and then they're gone.

blue girl

That's why I really don't like talking on a cell phone. I don't like anyone hearing anything I'm saying. I don't care if it's just me calling home from the grocery store wondering if we need milk. But, the problem is, I can't hear well on a cell phone, which means I *talk* louder. (Makes no sense, I know. It's like turning the radio down when you're lost.) So everyone can probably hear everything I'm saying anyway.

I should stop tuning out other people when they're on their cells. I'm missing scoop!


My vote goes to the lawyer, and I blame Shakespeare (NOT his sister!).

Exiled in New Jersey

It's got to be the ex-husband because in my part of the world, the divorce lawyers who represent men tend to be women. In fact, divorce law is one field I predict where women will dominate.


I think the lawyer.

The conversation I overheard last week while waiting for my daughter to finish her dance class was a woman talking to another woman who was pregnant and whose husband decided to satisfy his needs via nightly trips to the internet. I was 3 feet away from this woman and was trying really hard to focus on my magazine, but you could hear every word plus we were in a hall that echoed. The woman by me was trying to convince the woman that satisfying needs was really nothing worse that taking a magazine into the bathroom and then she launched into her husband's habits.

I tell you, I had an angel on one shoulder telling me to mind my own business and a devil on the other telling me to join the conversation.


This reminds me, last time I was in the States I got a voice mail on my US cell phone. It was intended for a guy named Moe and it was from his attorney, explaining in great detail that his girlfriend had gotten a restraining order against him, what that was, etc. I couldn't help but listen to the whole thing, vowing I'd steer clear of Moe if I ever encountered him.

Hey! I wonder if one of these guys you heard was named Moe?


I was in a book store the other day and there was a woman talking on her cell phone very loudly. I shot her a look or two, not too dirty, as a means of suggesting she's disturbing the peace. Either she didn't get it or she didn't care. I wonder what her reaction would have been if I walked up to her and said "would you mind toning it down?" I realied I might be taking my life into my own hands doing that...


Oooops. I wrote thatlast comment with out my reading glasses on, and before my second cup of coffee. Bad idea!


You see. I did it again!

mac macgillicuddy

I'm hoping for the lawyer, too.

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