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I've read almost all of the Lemony Snicket books. Your summary of the lessons is so accurate. I think I should print them out, post them, and memorize them. I'm no kid, but some are lessons I've yet to learn.


You're kind of preachy Mr. Lancey-pants, for someone who doesn't like morals... :)
I enjoyed the post... as usual, it clicked into something else I was struggling with and shined a light into my tightly-clenched brain. Is that a lesson or a moral??? :)

Pope Buck I

I have hopes that the movies are only a few years behind the curve - just as TV transitioned from the "every episode has to end with a clumsy moral tacked on" era of the '80s (you know, the kind of thinking that ruined "Night Court") to the Seinfeld "no hugs, no lessons learned" era.

Meanwhile, I can't wait to read "The End."


I forgot to add, this was my favorite line:

"Back in the days of our earliest ancestors, whenever some bright homo habilis' heart told him to see what was over the next hill, invent the wheel, or discover fire, art, or agriculture, thus disrupting the status quo for the rest of his tribe, the hearts of all those other homo habilii told them to rise up as one and kill the troublemaker."

I think that mind-set is still the status quo!


It kind of bothered me that the ending-after-the-ending only made sense if you read the ancillary letter collection (which, of course, as HM is a Lemony Snicket stalwart and I have a fatal weakness for bookstores, we did)

Of course, it still doesn't make sense.

Is that the point? I mean, fine if it is, but I suspect there are an awful lot of kids out there who have serious Baudelaire blueballs right now.

That Fuzzy Bastard

Has the Mannion Clan seen, imho, the best family (emphatically "family", not "children's") movie in years, MIRRORMASK? It definitely fulfills the lessons-not-morals requirement to a T, not to mention having an able script and amazing (if overwhelming) visuals besides. Not as funny as HOODWINKED---not particularly funny at all, actually---but very good.

Jeff Keezel

We watched Hoot recently. Considering all the promos focused on the owls you really didn't get to see too much of them in the movie.

I've read some Hiaasen - not Hoot. I was trying to figure what in the movie was his and what was added. At times his voice came shining through.

The movie failed to capture the insanity of Florida - weirdest damn place I've every lived. First major screw-up was the school kids scandalized that the main character wasn't from "around there."

Hell, nobody in Florida is from Florida. In two and a half years I met one kid who was actually born and raised in Florida.

So, Hoodwinked. Maybe I'll check that out...thekeez


Hey, Berube posted something extraordinarily apposite just a couple days before this:

It's a story about his first son as a preschooler, who very suddenly absorbed the lesson that Jennifer praised up there.

To add something of my own, we have a 2.5 year old who is just discovering fairy tales - teasing out the lessons from Grimm ("the princess in the Frog Prince is Not Nice and doesn't deserve the prince's gratitude") is... odd. I don't actually know what she's supposed to be getting from them, but she certainly is absorbed by them (Jack & the Beanstalk too). Just found an old tape of Into the Woods, in which the best lesson is from Red Riding Hood: Nice is different than Good. Maybe the most important one for her own protection.

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