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Anne Laurie

Go ahead, giggle at us Wiccans. To paraphrase Emma Goldman, if I wasn't allowed to giggle (& sometimes dance), I wouldn't have joined the party. I'm not a public practioner, but we were married by a Wiccan Archpriest (who happened to be an old and dear friend). And, yes, an amazing percentage of people even in blue states like Massachusetts are still shocked / horrified / disbelieving that such a thing might be permitted here in our very own U.S.of A. That includes liberal, educated secularists as well as devout conservative fundamentalists. The percentage of individuals who are willing to be "tolerant" as long as you don't do anything they personally find distasteful doesn't seem to vary across the political spectrum, although the definition of "distasteful" does...



In the Witch Museum there is a display devoted to Wiccans. Standing in front of it, listening to the audio, I said something vaguely dismissive of Wicca and my older son scolded me roundly for it. I was taken a bit aback, so I asked him if he believed in Wicca. "No, dad, he said, I'm Catholic, remember? But I'm also Irish and they have a lot of the old Celtic religion in their religion." Then he proceeded to explain.

And I am disappointed that I didn't get to go in to Nu Aeon or visit Laurie Cabot's shop. I don't think I really would have giggled. At least not too much. And not meanly.

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